Our vision for business

RCG is a believer that the power lies in the people of the organization. Bring the right ones in, give them the critical information, and get out of their way. It is still the right model. We believe that you have to hire people who are better than you. You have to constantly push people, and yourself, outside of your comfort zone. We need to eliminate the issues that keep us from looking inward and seeing where we can get better...and then be better.

Expect the same from everyone around you.

An organization should be focused on the reward and must not be paralyzed by the risk. We should never be afraid to think big. We should never be afraid to ask the hard questions and do the hard things necessary to be successful.

At RCG we don't believe in coloring inside the lines. We don't accept corporate and organizational excuses for failure. There are no excuses for bad products, bad service, not wearing the customer's hat, not communicating, not elevating people into challenging roles and not accepting the risk that comes with the job.

David G. Valade