E-commerce: RCG has helped its partners manage the nuances and challenges of the e-commerce space. RCG also manages its own e-commerce retail store allowing its customers quick product deployment into the e-commerce market.

Recent example: RCG launched and managed a new retail store on Amazon.com to help a US manufacturer to maximize value on close out and refurbished products for the consumer electronic market.

Automotive:  We work at establishing a presence in growth markets, especially China and India as well as offering these manufacturers the opportunity to grow their business in the US market. This includes determining the local infrastructure needed for dealer networks, production facilities, and development. RCG’s US headquarters is based in Detroit, MI USA offering direct access to the worlds leadership for the auto industry.

 We also help generate great value from new technologies, specifically GPS, in car entertainment and Android technology. This includes exploring partnerships to support emerging e-mobility business models. RCG researches around the globe for emerging product categories.

Recent example: RCG worked with US GPS manufacturer to develop and launch a new GPS app focused at the automotive market.

Areas of Expertise

            Consumer Electronics: RCG has worked with partners in both the US and China guiding them through the challenges of manufacturing, logistics and brand development. We partner with consumer electronics companies to address their most important strategic, operational, and organizational issues.  Our focus on delivering lasting competitive advantage has helped our clients succeed in an increasingly challenging marketplace. 

Recent example:RCG worked with a Chinese OEM manufacturer of Android tablets to establish a brand identity and define a go-to-market strategy targeting the US retail sector.

            Brand value creation: RCG has worked with US, European and Chinese companies looking to rapidly deploy and grow their brands in the global market. RCG has extensive experience in both organic brand growth as well as using strategic licensing to rapidly gain market share. We help clients’ power growth through digital advantage by focusing on three critical enablers:


Retail Channel Management: RCG has developed a national network of Retail Channel experts in several product categories allowing its partner’s quick deployment and access to the top 20 leading retailers in the North American market. Our network of industry experts includes more than 50 active senior marketing and sales executives throughout North America and Europe. Recent example: 
RCG is working with a new European food service company that has targeted the US market for rapid growth.


Companies must develop and manage production networks that are lean and flexible enough to operate cost-effectively in these uncertain times. To succeed, companies must answer questions such as these:

·         Have we aligned our manufacturing capabilities with our overall business strategy?

·         Does our global production network fully optimize costs and scale?

·         Are we insourcing and outsourcing the right things?

·         Can we improve utilization and gain capacity without adding cost?

·         How can we improve demand management and production planning—and increase flexibility—in these uncertain times?

With a focus on production excellence, we help minimize costs, increase efficiency, improve quality, and deliver measurable improvements in all areas of manufacturing. We take a holistic approach, addressing strategic challenges, core processes and capabilities, performance management, and cross-functional alignment. 

Recent example: RCG worked with a US manufacturer that was manufacturing in China to near source many parts of its operation creating efficiency and value.